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Ice skating

Are you tired of hibernating all winter and looking for a night out in Cleveland that won’t break the bank? Here are a few ideas for ways to enjoy the city even when the weather might not be at its best.  Whether you want a food-filled restaurant hop, an urban adventure or an artsy evening, you should be able to find some inspiration on this list.  
10 ideas perfect for Cleveland's winter season

PLEASE NOTE: Any questions from current or prospective employees about any HR related forms or onboarding should be directed to Chris Cole and not department heads.
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Bob Manjura continues to do an outstanding job managing our recycling program, with impressive results year over year. Thanks to all NOSHOK employees for participating to make these results possible!

In 2018, NOSHOK recycled 1,500 more pounds of paper than the previous year. NOSHOK saved 327 trees,134,701 gallons of water, 58 cubic yards of landfill space, 38 barrels of oil, and 78,896 kilowatt hours of electricity by recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, bottles and cans.

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